Today had been the closing date for my BA Thesis. Felt so awesome to get rid of it and at the same time it felt like handing out my little baby. Haha
I feel so proud of myself which may appear to sound foolish or arrogant but actually I feel very content of what I did achieve with this work. Well I put a lot of effort in it and I concerned myself with a topic which is not quite explored yet.

The Title is called “The Artist as Mesias. Otto Dix Triptych “The War” (1929-1932)

I am so tired way too tired that’s why I am writing crappy. sorry.
the others are celebrating, which I did with my beloved roommates (one of them just had a Master Thesis deadline today) We had a beer and I prepared Tarte Flammbee. such a lovely evening. the other art historian girls will be really upset with me because I am skipping bar-hopping. it’s just that I am way too tired and need to be in university tomorrow morning . and that’s not it: afterwards christmas shopping and so on. Have a never-ending to do list.

Right now I kind of have a guilty conscious but sometimes there’s nothing to it. and in addition to that I am totally not in the mood for another beer. or several following ones, which would be for sure the case. I feel so empty now that is great task is gone the weight on my shoulders which I got used to is now gone and this feels so weird…

so sleep well and wish me luck with the angry art history girls whom I moved. aargh